There’s a certain uniqueness about Australia. A kind of character that isn’t replicated in any other country. Maybe it’s because we’re stuck off the bottom corner of the earth. Maybe it’s the whole largest island/smallest continent thing we have going on. Perhaps the fact that England used Australia as a giant jail contributes in someway to our culturally insubordinate attitude. We speak English, but no one understands our lingo. We’re western, but just below the east. We’re huge, but also few. Distances and heat have different definitions in Australia. Our animals are perceived as dangerous, but not the one’s people think. Sure we surf, but plenty of us can’t even swim in waves. Sure we love a barbie, but we have some of the most multi-cultural cuisine in the world.

However. Despite the misconceptions about Australia I often encounter as an expat, I am convinced that there are certain scenes, certain visual frames, which are unmistakably Australian. Certain images that, when we see them, the innate affection for “home” will rise within us. The immediate recognition of “down under” will present itself.

I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos in dozens of countries around the world.

But these are frames of home.

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