How would you fare? If you were stripped of the material things which facilitate your movement through the normal day? If there was no one to turn to? If you became alienated from society whilst in the very midst of it?
Are we resourceful? Tough? Do we have endurance and strength to get up, keep calm and carry on?
What qualities to theses people possess, those who walk parallel to us everyday, yet lead lives so foreign to our own?
Where do they find what they need to go on? What is that driving force within humans to choose life, even when every hour is steeped in misery? Is it really so miserable? Or does it just look that way to us, us privileged ones, who can observe and categorise and analyse from behind the safety of our seemingly impenetrable walls of social security?
The purpose of this series is to explore the personalities and daily existence of Adelaide’s homeless. We’ve all seen them, rolling up their mats, rubbing their hair, emerging from behind stone walls, parklands and small urban nooks we never knew existed. Perhaps they are far happier than the elite in society.
I embarked on this series looking for answers, and to capture a compelling, confronting story. One to inspire empathy and awareness of peril on our streets. Sure, that story exists. I saw it. But instead I want to tell you about the optimism, humour, resourcefulness I found. About the people making the most of their situation, finding the positives, encouraging one another and inspiring me. People with open minds, kind hearts and unique wisdoms.

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