Thomas A Spencer understood the great pull of the Australian bush, the relentless tugging the Great Southern Land has on those fortunate enough to have called Australia home.

And in all those decades between his yearning and mine, the same gum trees still stand poised, the same feilds flush green with wild wheat, and very quickly golden again with the first heats. The granduer and culture and excitement of Europe can never drown out the whispering call, the beckoning within our hearts to return home. The voice is quiet, but relentless.

“And my eager soul is panting, for the freedom of the bush.”

That's the Pattern the World Makes - Stradbroke Island, Australia

When we are children, we have the habit of throwing our hands out wide, and spinning in delighted confusion until our giddy equilibrium finally throws us to the ground. This frame is the pattern the world makes in those ecstatic moments.

C-Type silver halide FujiFlex print, Diasec mounted Acrylic composite Limited Edition signed, titled, numbered and dated by the artist:
3+1 Giant edition (150cm x100cm)
1+1Collector edition (120cm x180cm)

Bush Bling

Out here, in the remotest fields, far from city lights and high street shops, there is glitz and glamour, alluring colours and sparkling lakes. It's some sort of tenacious fairytale land.

The Salt is Pinker on the Other Side

I'd tell you that the grass is greener on the other side but, in Australia, it would seldom be true.

The Voice

But a Voice keeps calling me back, To the bush and the wallaby-track, To the home in the clearing, The sheep and the shearing- The voice keeps on saying, "Come back!'

I am the Expanse of Empathy

When we're happy, the ocean plays with us. When we're angry, she crashes her watery fists down again and again. When we're sad, she cries with us, she catches our tears, and lets us tastes hers. She says, you see? Here is my affinity. I understand. Let it go. She is the Mother of Empathy.

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