Hannah Walker started to immerse into the world of photography already in her early childhood in Australia, where she grew up on an organic farm on a tiny island hidden off the far south coast. Many travelers passed through the farm, from German village carpenters to Koreans from inner-city Seoul, some staying a few days, some months. Amongst the colourful turmoil, she shot her first roll of lm when she was eight years old, recording the chaotic pursuits of her seven siblings. By her mid teens, she was certain photography was her career path. After several years of study, internships and freelancing in the industry, she graduated with her Diploma of Photoimaging, CCP.
Since her first overseas backpacking trip at 19 years old, she has travelled to 52 countries, camera in hand.
They say, you can take the girl out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the girl. Whether her camera is present or not, Hannah leaves far behind the barriers of her comfort zone to explore the world as she wants to experience it. Her thirst for adventure and insatiable desire for life itself leads her to mo- ments unexpected and often bizarre, exposed in her photographs.
Her images pull us into intimate contact with the subject, draw our attention to stunning detail and merge us into impressive landscapes, but also helps us to re-discover what we thought we knew well, but mostly remained hidden to our eyes.
She has exhibited both in both solo and joint exhibitions in France and now extends her reach to other other European countries. 

Self-portrait via GoPro - Sri Lanka 2017

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